What Do We Do?

Global Solar Water Power Systems (GSWPS) designs and manufactures a wide array of cost-effective, environmentally sensitive and sustainable solutions to challenging problems.  They provide water and energy, shelter and comfort, and even communications capabilities in areas with little or no operating infrastructure.

Solar power used to pump and filter water for irrigation and drinking.

These systems are also perfect for natural disasters: fires, floods, earthquakes, or war torn areas where infrastructure has been destroyed.

Using solar power, wind power, waste to energy, bio-fuel and other renewable energy sources our solutions provide independence of electrical or water grids, creating an immediate solution to energy and clean drinking water needs in areas where there is little or no operating infrastructure. 

Providing critical functions, they change polluted water to safe, clean drinking water.  They provide electricity to the most remote areas.  GSWPS also offers a unique energy control system that provides significant savings for business and government clients, at little or no cost to the client.

News from GSWPS

GSWPS has filed a patent application for its high efficiency, high output, long life, tracking Solar Direct Ultra Filtration System suitable for use with rivers, wells, and other bodies of water in areas such as Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Haiti, India and US Native American lands (more...)

GSWPS chosen to establish water sanitation regimen in Haiti (more…)

GSWPS is working with Navajo leaders and non-profit organizations to provide clean power, safe water and sustainable housing to Native Americans on tribal lands in Northern Arizona (more...)

GSWPS has filed a patent application for a portable multi-function utility structure that provides power, HVAC, communications and more

GSWPS and PICC (Plug In Conversion Corporation), filed a patent application on a PHEV 2 grid device (more...)

Products and Services

Comprehensive water sanitation programs that provide a sustainable source for safe clean drinking water – ideal for remote areas, relief efforts, military operations, etc.

Portable solar powered water purification systems that purify contaminated water, providing safe, clean drinking water for hundreds of thousands.

Energy saving program that provides substantial, immediate and ongoing reduction in energy costs for commercial and government clients. GSWPS will assume the cost of installing energy saving measures, in exchange for a small percentage of the savings realized.

Comprehensive waste management for remote areas.

Ultra-efficient solar powered irrigation systems.

Alternative energy (solar, wind, geo-thermal, hydro, bio-fuel, bio-mass, and waste to energy systems that provide power for homes, schools and businesses.

Portable, self contained solar powered utility structures that provide shelter, heating, cooling, hot and cold water, lavatory facilities, and wireless communications capabilities for off-the-grid locations.  Suitable for housing, scientific exploration, forward military bases, and more.

Pre-fabricated net-zero energy homes.

Ultra-efficient heating and cooling systems.

PHEV Grid Tie system to plug in hybrid and electric vehicles to support the power grid.

Discounted prices for Zomeworks products.

Early wake-up kit for passive solar trackers.

Assembly Line in Southern California

Assembly Line in Southern California

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