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Global Solar Water Power Systems does business globally, and is an offshoot of Mark Snyder Electric. For more than three decades, Mark’s electrical contracting company has specialized in alternative energy technology, designing, installing and servicing systems in southern California.

Mark is an internationally recognized authority on alternative energy, a master electrician, a commercial organic farmer, and a community activist. He is also the inventor of patented energy saving innovations.

Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder

In 1985, Mark developed one of California's first large scale bio energy conversion projects, producing electric power from agricultural waste.

Mark was selected by the Clinton Administration to serve on a White House Council addressing the needs of our National Electrical Infrastructure in anticipation of the Year 2000 Conversion.

As co-founder of Clean Air USA, he partnered with Willie Nelson Biodiesel to bring clean alternative fuel to California in 2006.

In 2009, Mark designed and manufactured a portable solar powered water purification system that helped stop a cholera outbreak in Iraq.

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Inventory of Completed Mobile Filtration Units

Inventory of Completed Mobile Filtration Units

Global Solar Water Power Systems (GSWPS) and its partner company, Enertopia, are working to establish a comprehensive water sanitation program in Haiti. Enertopia is a Canadian company specializing in the application of both proven and new clean energy and clean water technologies.

GSWPS has also partnered with Providence Trade and Development to bring GSWPS innovations to a broad market.

Global Solar Water Power Systems (GSWPS) is currently working with Navajo leaders to provide clean water, clean power, communications and self-sufficient off-the-grid housing to tribal lands in northern Arizona.

With a capable and dedicated staff, Global Solar Water Power Systems continues to produce intelligent solutions to big problems. Look for more innovations to come.

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