(Enertopia Multi-Purpose Utility Structure)

GSWPS has designed a portable multi-function utility structure that provides power, HVAC, communications.  This insulated, climate-controlled structure will bring essential electrical, water and sanitation services to off grid people.  The buildings have potential to provide supplemental power to a wide variety of off-grid applications, such as housing in remote areas, scientific exploration, forward military bases, and more.

Illustration of Multi-Purpose Utility Structure for Plateau Project

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Mark Snyder designed a 2.43 by 6 metre (8 by 20 foot) stand-alone structure that includes all that is needed to power a home. Called the Enertopia Multi-Purpose Utility Structure (EMPUS), the unit is insulated to R-42 and climate controlled. The 2kW solar PV tracking system from Day4 Energy is connected to 16 350 amp hour solar batteries.

To protect the solar units from harsh elements of the region, Mark Snyder designed the Enertopia Multi-Purpose Utility Structure (EMPUS), patent pending. This insulated, climate-controlled structure will store a domestic water tank, solar batteries, and 2kw of solar PV electric with room for solar thermal and solar hot air space heating designed to reduce the amount of wood needed for home heating in the winter.

The EMPUS also provides year round hot water for domestic and includes a composting toilet, sink and shower and water catchment. The solar heating systems have a special ultra-low power wall heater providing space heating with water and hot air. The EMPUS is a solar device itself acting as a heating and cooling module with the home.

A unique aspect of the design is that the 500-gallon water tank doubles as a traumwall in that the tank absorbs the warmth during the day, and then lets the heat back out at night when it cools off. Heat is sent into the home through two insulated ducts from the EMPUS.

EMPUS is currently being deployed to bring essential electrical, water and sanitation services to off grid Native Americans.  (more...)

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