Green Ribbon Homes™

Green Ribbon Home™  is a high efficiency net zero manufactured and modular home system.  The Green Ribbon Home™ by GSWPS is ideal for down-sizing seniors and others. 

Designed from the ground up to use only as much energy as it produces, the Green Ribbon™ Home is an Energy Star™ rated house that is built at the Hallmark Southwest Corporation factory in Loma Linda to Green Ribbon™ Home standards.

A Green Ribbon home

These homes are designed to make use of Federal and State Utility mandates known as “Net Metering”. Net Metering requires the utility company to allow homes that are connected to the power grid to receive credit for the unused energy they produce from roof top solar power or other renewable power applications.

With net metering, the electric power produced by the Green Ribbon™ Home while the sun is shining during the day, can be returned to the grid and literally “spin the utility meter backwards”. At night, when the sun is no longer shining, the occupants turn on their lights and appliances, which will then draw power back from the utility company against the credit their solar power system produced for them during the day time.

Because of the many energy efficient features built into the Green Ribbon™ Home, the use of power during the night can strike a balance against the credit produced from unused electric generation during the day. This point balance results in a “net” difference of zero dollars owed on the utility bill, a “net zero energy” bill.

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Key Features and Benefits

  1. Solar Home 2030 Challenge design principles, such as proper orientation for winter sun and summer shade, north light skylights, extra insulation, etc.

  2. Silent Aire™, diurnal swing cooling and ventilating system integrated into factory construction for cooling and night ventilation. Includes upducting systems.

  3. Compressorless air conditioning.

  4. Solar Photovoltaic Electric Power.

  5. Deluxe Blend Aire System.

  6. Solar thermal heating with a heat exchanger in cabinet and recirculated system.

  7. Integration of thermal absorptive materials, tile granite, rock, etc.

  8. Energy Star appliances.

  9. High efficiency lighting — compact fluorescent and LED.

  10. High efficiency solar thermal hot water system, including tanks with backup element.

  11. California Energy Commission hot water efficiency standards:

    1. All hot water lines insulated, minimum R-6 standard,

    2. Branch and twig plumbing system arranged to waste one cup of water or less before hot water is delivered to any standard plumbing faucet,

    3. Use of Metlund Pump,

    4. Shower pre-heat cycle drain recovery systems.

  12. Green building, low VOC paints, stains, carpet, use of recycled earth friendly materials.

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