Our Lady of the Desert Monastery

GSWPS is helping to create the world’s first net zero monastery and training center. Part of this center’s mission is to help parishioners save money and the planet by living a life more harmonious with nature.

GSWPS has been working with the Mother Superior of Our Lady of the Desert Monastery to develop a net zero energy program for this retreat and training center.  The first structure, a four bedroom guest home, has been designed and completed.  The on-site solar thermal system and the on-site solar PV system will be designed and installed by GSWPS.

Sisters of the Monastery receiving a grant for this project.

There will be two phases of the monastery, the lower monastery guest quarters, chapel, refectory and caretaker’s quarters, and the convention center.  The second phase will be the upper monastery.  This will include the nun’s quarters for twenty nuns, and the chapel refectory crafts.

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