Solar Powered Water Purification Systems

Mobile Water Purification Systems

Setup of solar powered portable water filtration unit with solar tracking system and two stage RO & UF filtration process

GSWPS portable solar powered water purification systems save lives by producing water that is 99.99% free of harmful bacteria, viruses, cysts and pollutants, preventing water-borne diseases like cholera and typhoid. Our systems purify contaminated water from surface sources or from wells, providing enough clean drinking water for hundreds or for thousands of people.

  • Does your water supply suffer from water borne disease?
  • Does your water supply suffer from contamination by heavy metals?
  • Does your water supply suffer from high turbidity?
  • Does your water supply suffer from bad taste?
  • Is your water supply unreliable?
  • Do you even have a water supply?
  • Are you paying too much for your water?

The Solar Tracking Ultra Filtration System is a unique response to the need for clean, fresh water in regions where healthy water is a precious and rare commodity. This system utilizes state-of-the-art technologies innovatively combined with ancient knowledge about solar movements and passive cooling to provide a mobile, efficient and compact approach to water filtration for small rural communities.

GSWPS systems can provide clean water on a permanent basis, or as a temporary solution for disasters, emergencies, deployments or areas with no or insufficient operating infrastructure.

The systems are powered by the sun and do not require fuel or a connection to an electrical grid. The solar panels track the sun, automatically positioning the unit’s panels for maximum efficiency.  If auxiliary power is desired (for 24-hour operation, for example), GSWPS systems can be powered by a battery bank, a conventional generator, a wind turbine or a grid tie-in.

Trailer mounted purification system

Portable:  These trailer mounted systems are highly mobile and can be towed anywhere a light truck can go.  They can be set up quickly.  They are simple to operate and require very little maintenance.

Durable:  GSWPS machines are built for the most challenging conditions.  They have proven to be reliable in harsh climates like Iraq, where 327 GSWPS systems helped stop and out break of cholera in 2009 and now provide safe, clean water for 600,000 citizens. The systems are made to last up to 20 years or more with proper maintenance.  This durability and reliability also distinguishes GSWPS systems from others.

Our proprietary “straw” water intake pre-filters the water before it enters the system, preventing fouling, a problem that plagues competitors’ systems.

Reverse Osmosis system

Reverse Osmosis water filtration component

Filtration systems are custom designed for your local water conditions, based on your local water quality analysis and available sunlight hours.  They can include different combinations of a pre-filter stage, mechanical filtration, reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filtration, and ultraviolet light processing.  Brackish water can be purified for drinking or for agricultural use.

GSWPS has filed a patent application for its high efficiency, high output, long life, tracking Solar Direct Ultra Filtration System suitable for use with rivers, wells, and other bodies of water.

Clean Water
Cubic Meters Per hour
Clean Water
Litres per hour
Clean Water
Gallons per hour
1m3 1,000 264
3m3 3,000 792
3m3 5,000 1,320
10m3 10,000 2,640

Based on mid-latitudes

This system uses the New Superflo Series™ Helical Rotor AC/DC high efficiency, high pressure RO and high-pressure pump and Superflo™ pump controller (GSWPS and Sun Pumps patent pending).  This new and unique series of pumps saves 30-40% over standard high-pressure pumps and its design cools the pump and controller while raising efficiency through certain design enhancements.

This very important advancement reduces systems cost by reducing the solar PV electrical power required for the system.  This system also uses the Straw™ pre-filtration device that is a unique proprietary device (GSWPS patent pending) that offers benefits such as extended pump life by up to 50% and increased overall system efficiency by up to 35%.

The system also utilizes a unique pump bypass system (GSWPS patent pending), as well as GSWPS designed ground protection and enhancement system (GSWPS patent pending), for lightning and surge protection.

The unit has been proven to convert high turbidity (greater than 50 NTU) surface feed water to clear, clean drinking water (less than 0.2 NTU).

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Key Advantages


The total cost of producing a gallon of safe clean water is less than a penny, including the cost of the machine.

The sun and a water source are all that is needed to produce potable water. No fuel required.

Integrated solar-charged backup battery. Wind turbines are also available.


A tracking system automatically follows the sun and positions the unit’s solar panels for optimal exposure, increasing efficiency by up to 40%.

The filtration systems feature automatic flushing and backwash.

  • Can be rapidly deployed. No need for power, fuel or infrastructure.
  • Produce safe, clean water wherever it is needed for hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands
  • Designed for long-term service in rugged conditions
  • Ultra efficient, multi-stage filtration process with ultraviolet post-treatment to eliminate bacteria
  • Metered flow chlorination or other injection system
  • Integrated solar-charged backup battery. Can also be used with battery bank, wind turbine or conventional generator.
  • Fully enclosed working system to protect against unauthorized access or dust and other elements
  • Thermostatically cooled water system enclosure with automatic activation.
  • Solar tracker system with early wake-up functionality
  • High efficiency solar panel array
  • Warranty: individual component warranties of between 1 and 20 years
  • Customer support — trained and authorized installers if required, well drillers available, 24/7 remote monitoring available for water units and component performance. Comprehensive training available.

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